Modular Bio Toilet


We are accepting turnkey projects for making bio-toilets that are widely used in public places, such as railway stations, construction sites, public parks, trade fair grounds, shopping malls, etc. The robustly designed bio-toilet has a digester tank, where the human excretory waste gets decomposed.


Product Details:

Product Specification & Business Information :

Product Name Modular Bio Toilet
Built Type Prefab, Panel Build, Modular
Application/Uses Any Public place (Railway Station, Footpath, Park)
Doors FRP
Roof Structure FRP
Size Customizable
Electrical Point Yes Available
Flooring FRP
Water Trap Yes one water trap available
Washbin FRP/Stainless Steel
Wall Type FRP
Color Blue
No. Of Compartments Single
Shape Cabinet, Square
Toilet Type Western
Capacity Single Person at a time
Min Order Qty 1 Unit
Shipping Charges Depends on the loctaion of project


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