Domestic Water Pump


Say goodbye to the woes of low water pressure at your home with this sturdy domestic pump. This top-quality pump is useful for increasing the flow of water so that it reaches your high-rise apartment and roof, where the water tanks are installed.


Product Details:

Product Specification & Business Information :

Installation Service Yes available
Water Source Any type of  Water Source
Water Tank Capacity 500 Ltr.
Energy (Power) Requirement of the Pump 0.37 KW to 0.75 KW
Applicable/Uses Domestic/ Inhouse
Electricity Consumed per Day (in Units ie KWH)* 0.45 to 1.30 Units( Approx)
Pump discharge in Litres per Hour 900 to 600 Litre per Hour
Automation Grade Manual , Semi Automatic & Automatic
Mount Type Floor Mount
Pump Body Cast Iron
Power Source Electric
Type Of Control In Switch/Panel or Equivalent System
Power Input TEFC motor (2Pole / 4Pole) suitable for 180-240V, 50 Hz
single phase AC power supply
Water Flow Rate As Per Capacity
Pipe & Fittings As Per Project Condition
Min Order Qty 1 Unit
Warranty Yes Available
Free Service As Per Project Condition
Payment Terms As per project payment terms & conditions
Transportation Charges Depends on Project location


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