Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant


Having an electrically operated drive, Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant is made available in different types, such as with a mild steel tank with FRP coating and one having a civil tank with an MS tank. We also provide a mini Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) for small spaces.


Product Details:

Product Details:

  • Water Source EFFLUENT  Water.
  • Product Type EFFLUENT Plant
  • Drive Type Electric

Process :

 On the basis of Effluent Water we provide Different types of system

  • MS Tank with FRP Coting
  • Civil Tank with MS Tank
  • Mini ETP for small area .

Application areas:

  • Hospitals
  • Textiles & Dairy Industries
  • Food Processing Units
  • Beverage Industries
  • Oil & Petroleum Industries
  • Residential Apartments ,  Hotels, Institutes
  • Paper & Pulp Industries
  • Phenol Industries
  • Rice Mills


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