Pressure Booster Pump


Our company is offering the best performing Pressure Booster Hydro Pheumatic Pump that are mainly used for water supply in high rise and other types of buildings.


Product Details:

Product Specification & Business Information :

Product Name Pressure Booster Pump
Materials SS/FRP/MS
System Type Hydropneumatic System
Application/Uses Any type of Industrials Area
Mounting Type 2900 RPM
Indicator LCD Indicator
Power Range 0.5 to 100.0 HP
Head Maximum 200 M (20 Bar)
Discharge Maximum 2500 LPM (150 m3/h
Type Of Control In Switch/Panel or Equivalent System
Operating pressure Maximum 30 bar
Min Order Qty 1 Unit
Warrenty Yes Available
Free Service As Per Project Condition
Payment Terms As per project payment terms & conditions
Shipping Charges Depends on the loctaion of project


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