High Speed Poly Propylene Pump


If you need mild steel polypropylene pumps for industrial usage, then we are offering the perfect product.


Product Details:

Product Specification & Business Information : 

Product Name  High Speed Poly Propylene Pump
Material PP, GRP, PVDF Etc.
Capacity Upto 45 m3/hr
Usage/Application ACIDE
Phase 3 Phase
Surface Corrosion Resistant
Frequency 50Hz
Temperature Upto 100 Degree C
Speed upto 2900 rpm
Size upto 25 mm to 75 mm
Maximum Discharge Flow Upto 45 m3/hr
Maximum Head 45 Mtr
Motor Speed Upto 2900 rpm
Motor Phase Type 3 Phase
Flange Connection Flange Bolting
Origin India
Payment Terms As per project terms & Conditions
Transportation Charges As Per Location of the Project
Warrenty yes Available


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