Water Pump Automation System


Water Pump Automation System (Auto On/Off ) : We are offering an automation system with inbuilt auto on/off and dry run check features. These are carefully designed and made using top-quality raw materials. The use of a pump automation system ensures zero wastage of water and electricity. Further, you always ensure that the overhead tanks remain full all the time.


Product Details:

Product Specification & Business Information :

Installation Service Yes available
Water Source Boring, River and other also
Capacity Inlet Flow Rate As per raw water pump inlet flow rate
Auto Turn on Feature When Water Tank Level goes down, pump turns on automatically
Auto Turn off Feature When Water Tank gets empty, pump turns off automatically
Other Feature Including Rust-free Magnetic Sensors
Automation Grade Manual , Semi Automatic & Automatic
Device Body Electric Shock-proof Plastic body
Indicator Type 3-5 Level Water Indicator
Voltage  220/240/440v
Power Source Electric
Type Of Control In Switch/Panel or Equivalent System
Water Flow Rate As Per Capacity
Pipe & Fittings As Per Project Condition
Water Storage Capacity As Per Client's Requirement
Min Order Qty 1 Unit
Warranty Only On Mechanical Items
Free Service As Per Project Condition
Payment Terms As per project payment terms & conditions
Transportation Charges Depends on Project location

 Comes with Auto On/Off feature.


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