Single Screw Pump


Also known as a positive displacement pump, Single screw pumps are very important in various applications. These pumps use one or more screws to ensure the movement of liquids or solids perpendicular to the screw(s) axis. The screw pumps do not cause foaming and can pump high viscosity fluids


Product Details:

Product Specification & Business Information :

Installation Service Yes available
Water Source Any type of  Water Source
Energy (Power) Requirement of the Pump 0.37 KW to 0.75 KW
Applicable/Uses Industrial Areas
Temperature up to 200ºc
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage 400-420V
Max Flow Rate 200m3/hr
Automation Grade Manual , Semi Automatic & Automatic
Mount Type Floor Mount
Pump Body Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Power Source Electric
Type Of Control In Switch/Panel or Equivalent System
Power Input TEFC motor (2Pole / 4Pole) suitable for 180-240V, 50 Hz
single phase AC power supply
Water Flow Rate As Per Capacity
Pipe & Fittings As Per Project Condition
Min Order Qty 1 Unit
Features Noise free, Vibration less, Self Priming operation
Warranty Yes Available
Free Service As Per Project Condition
Payment Terms As per project payment terms & conditions
Transportation Charges Depends on Project location


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