Overhead & Underground Water Tank Cleaning Services


Atlas Engineering and Trading Corporation is offering overhead & underground water tank cleaning services. The salient features of these services are 100% satisfaction, prompt service, and on-time servicing by trained professionals, who use the latest and modern tools to clean the overhead and underground water tank.


Product Details:

Steps we follow while cleaning overhead & underground water tank :

  • Fix a schedule for cleaning underground and overhead tanks with the Client.

  • Informing the Managing Committee/ Society Manager/ Representative. Clearly instructing them in advance to keep the tanks as empty as possible for the cleaning process so as to save water.

    Dewatering the tanks (Dewatering is the process of removing water from an area)

  • It is very difficult and complicated to dewater the bottom 1 inch of water in any tank. The bigger the tank, the harder it is.

  • Basically we use a vacuum to dewater the bottoms of tanks. However, if the tank is made of concrete, the bottom will be rough and grainy; in that case we used dewatering pump instead of Vacuum.

  • Many a times using mop, broom and dustpan to remove water becomes the last option.

Spray the sidewalls

  • Hydrogen Peroxide or Potassium Permanganate solution may get used as a spray on the side walls
  • The spray Pump that comes with a speed and power regulator functions in a fantastic way.

  • Only a person with knowledge of handling pumps must be given the duty to operate this.

  • First the walls have to be cleaned of the deposites, then the spray needs to be applied in a controlled way ensuring no damage to the wall.

  • Materials like RCC, Steel, Cement or other materials have to be handled with care because the pressure of spray will determine the condition.

  • To remove the sediments from bottom the same is worked on more rigorously than the sides.

  • Generally we use regular water to wash after applying the spray and cleaning solution.

  • We make sure that the sidewalls and the bottom are worked on multiple times for satisfactory results.


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